24 Hour Virtual Premiere For Lake Michigan Monster On July 31st!

The platform Altavod will host a 24 hour Virtual Premiere of Lake Michigan Monster on July 31st.

Opening with a quick introduction by director Ryland Brickson Cole Tews (who’ll be donning his nautical best introduce the film as legendary Captain Seafield – the lead of the movie), this Virtual will also be followed by an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Ryland Brickson Cole Tews, Beulah Peters and Mike Cheslik hosted by Milwaukee Film.

The Virtual Premiere will be accessible in the UK, US and Canada only.

‘All aboard! The combined spirits of H.P. Lovecraft, early Sam Raimi and Mystery Science theater 3000 inhabit this action-packed tale of nautical derring-do and monster mayhem – winner of the Audience Award for Best International Feature at the 2019 Fantasia Film Festival. On the shores of Lake Michigan, the eccentric Captain Seafield (Ryland Brickson Cole Tews, who also writes and directs) enlists a colourful crew of misfits in a bid to slay the hellish sea monster that prowls the murky depths. But as Seafield’s obsession with exacting revenge on the creature that killed his father threatens to consume him, can weapons expert Sean Shaughnessy (Erick West), sonar whiz Nedge Pepsi (Beulah Peters) and former N.A.V.Y. ­– Nautical Athletes and Venture Yunit – officer Dick Flynn (Daniel Long) hold the show together?’

The virtual event will take place on July 31st Pacific Time – (i.e. 8am BST on July 31st to 7:59am on August 1st BST). Following your purchase, you’ll have 48 hours to enjoy this virtual event. You’ll also be able to watch it as many time as you’d like during the 48 hour window on your Altavod account.

Several partnered local theaters and festivals have been keen to support this Virtual Event:

UK Cinemas:

US Theaters:

Canadian Festivals:

  • Saskatoon Film Festival
  • Toronto After Dark

Following its Virtual premiere, Lake Michigan Monster will be available to stream on the Arrow Video Channel from August 3rd in the UK and US. The film will also be available on Digital HD on the same date and you can already pre-order your copy here:

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