Scene from Waterworld (1995)


America, Arrows and Accidental Heroes: Kevin Costner and Epic Cinema

Liberty, freedom and a big, strong dose of Americana - we analyse how Kevin Costner left his mark in the world of epic cinema.

2022-11-22 17:20:29 By Erika Bean

Scene from Croupier (1998)


Hodge Podge: The Ever-Changing Cinematic World of Mike Hodges

Making his directorial debut with Get Carter was a hard act to follow but Mike Hodges continued to make compelling films throughout his versatile career.

2022-11-18 16:37:49By Andrew Graves

Scene from The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978)


Inside the 36th Chamber – Re-Visiting Shaw Brothers’ Timeless Trilogy

Part of our Shawscope Collection, we go into the history of Gordon Liu, Lau Kar-leung and the kung fu classic 36th Chamber Trilogy.

2022-11-15 17:15:42By Tom Wilmot


Robin Hood and the Big Budget Historical Adventure Boom

How Kevin Costner's monster hit led an unstoppable decade of big budget historical action films

2022-11-11 10:42:51 By Becky Darke