Camp Arrow Part IV Picks

Camp Arrow Part IV is officially open which means it’s going to be another summer of screams! We’ve returned to the camp for the fourth summer in a row to commence another season of fantastic deals across Blu-rays, UHDs, boxsets and more. Not sure where to start the camp festivities? Let Arrow help you with a few choice picks to try this July.

*Prices correct between 5th – 31st July 2023.

Naked Lunch UHD/BD

The award winning Naked Lunch is one of David Cronenberg’s most impressive films. Combining William S. Burrough’s controversial novel with Burrough’s own incredible life story, Cronenberg creates a visionary interpretation that will stay long in your memory.

Peter Weller (Robocop) plays an exterminator who becomes hooked on the drugs he uses to kill bugs. He and his wife embark on a hallucinatory journey where nothing is quite as it seems. These Special Editions feature a raft of extras including director commentary, interviews and documentary so you can really get under the skin of this extraordinary film. Available for £18 on 4K UHD and £15 on Blu-ray.

The House That Screamed BD

The world of Spanish horror is often overlooked but The House That Screamed offers a brilliant gateway into a fascinating genre of cinema. Considered Spain’s first major horror film production, this is a film that merges gothic, giallo and slasher sensibilities into something unique.
Girls start to go missing from a strict boarding school run by the strict Mme Fourneau (Lilli Palmer). Meanwhile new recruit Thérèse (Cristina Galbó) tries to adapt to the strange atmosphere and befriends Fourneau’s teenage son who has been warned away from speaking to the students.

A haunting film with plenty of interviews as extras to give more context on the making of the film and climate of the time. Choose from the Arrow Store Exclusive O-Card or alternative artwork, both for only £12.

The Sisters Brothers UHD/BD

Director Jacques Audiard (A Prophet) makes his English language debut with his vision of the Old West in The Sisters Brothers. Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly are bounty hunters hired to hunt down and kill a man which turns into a quest for gold as the brothers make the long journey from Oregon to California.

Audiard offers a fresh spin on the classic Western morality tale. There’s betrayal, skullduggery and people who aren’t always what they seem but it also packs in heart and humour too. Available as a Limited Edition on 4K UHD for £18 or Blu-ray for £15, this is a great chance to pick up one of the great Westerns of the 21st century at a low price.

The Lukas Moodysson Collection

Feted by his fellow countryman Ingmar Bergman and recognised as a prominent voice in European cinema, Lukas Moodysson is adept at heart-warming and hard-hitting cinema. The Swede has a curious eye, eager to shine a light on many different topics including, in this collection alone, gay teenage relationships, sex trafficking and punk music. Not afraid to be political or provocative, Moodysson insists on your attention and always keeps you guessing.

This Limited Edition boxset includes 6 discs with the films Fucking Åmål, Lilya 4-ever, A Hole in my Heart, Container, Mammoth, Together and We are the Best! A 200 page hardback book allows you to delve deeper into Moodysson’s world and the extras will offer you even more content on this incredible film-maker’s work. It’s in our sale for the lowest ever price of £45.

The Dunwich Horror

Combine H.P. Lovecraft with Roger Corman and American International Pictures and what do you get? The bewitching and beguiling The Dunwich Horror! Based on Lovecraft’s novella, an enigmatic stranger named Wilbur (Dean Stockwell) seeks out a copy of the Necronomicon while student Nancy (Sandra Dee) is hypnotized by his ways and assists in a bizarre ritual that could raise cosmic beings from another dimension.

Noted as being one of the best Lovecraft adaptations on film, this 1970 horror is as compelling as it is eerie and on Blu-ray with extras such as a new commentary and interviews, you too might also fall under its spell! Available at its lowest ever price of £10.

The Complete Count Yorga

Let’s have another helping of gothic horror with the vampiric outing of Count Yorga! We don’t find him in Transylvania but rather California where he spends his days in his mansion with a posse of “brides”. In the sequel, Count Yorga is back to wreak havoc as the Santa Ana winds rise up, an omen for foul play, and the Count returns to terrorise the inhabitants of a local orphanage. A perfect late night double bill, The Count Yorga Collection contains two hugely entertaining films along with a slew of extras.

This Limited Edition set also includes a perfect bound collector’s book as well as posters and art cards. At £25, it’s a title worth sinking your teeth into!

Edge of the Axe

We couldn’t have a Camp Arrow list without a slasher on it and we’ve opted for José Ramón Larraz’s 1988 horror Edge of the Axe. A small town is rocked by the arrival of an axe swinging murderer in its midst and a couple of teens seek to find out who it is with the aid of a computer.
Filmed in both Madrid and rural Southern California giving it a curious atmosphere as American and European sensibilities collide, Edge of the Axe keeps you enthralled with a series of lurid slayings as the masked terror hunts down victim after victim.

An underrated gem and a worthy addition to any slasher collection. At half price, now only £9!

Southland Tales

Richard Kelly’s follow-up after Donnie Darko is the fascinating post-apocalyptic, black comedy, thriller Southland Tales. Set in the near-future, it satirizes and predicts everything from the rise of infotainment to environmental concerns and even a Third World War. Epic in scope and ideas, it is a lovingly crafted film that’s not afraid to wrestle with big topics. Featuring Dwayne Johnson, an action star suffering with amnesia, Seann William Scott as twin brothers on opposite sides of a culture war and Sarah Michelle Gellar as an adult film star working on a reality show, their stories intertwine to form a fascinating story against the intriguing world Kelly creates.

Including an in-depth documentary on the film as well as director Kelly’s audio commentary, this is an absolute bargain for only £5 on Blu-ray!

Candyman UHD

It received a reboot in 2021 but it’s very hard to top the 1992 original that launched the iconic character. A student (Virginia Madsen) becomes fascinated with urban legends and discovers the story of the Candyman who appears if you say his name five times in the mirror. The trouble is he doesn’t come with a welcoming smile and a warm batch of cookies, no he’s got a hook for a hand and a proclivity for using it.

Our 4K UHD is the best Candyman has ever looked so you can enjoy the bee-filled horror in crystal clear definition. With commentaries and interviews galore and also includes three rarely-seen short films from director Bernard Rose. One of the ‘90s greatest horror films, this is not to be missed for £15.

Giallo Essentials White

Scratch that giallo itch with the Limited Edition Giallo Essentials White Collection! Start with the ethereal The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave where a troubled aristocrat is haunted by his dead wife against the backdrop of more grisly murders. Move on to The Iguana with the Tongue of Fire where a killer is loose on the streets of Dublin and it falls to an former detective to solve the perplexing case. Finish the experience with The Suspicious Death of a Minor – a giallo leaning into the world of the poliziotteschi and the disturbing death of a teenage prostitute.

Brutal murders? Razor-wielding maniacs? Hynoptic soundtracks? That’s everything you need for only £30!

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