Inside The Mind Of Coffin Joe Replacement Programme

Thank you for your patience while we resolve the issues with this release (FCD2451/AV536). Sadly, there was a fault with the subtitles on the Awakening of the Beast (Disc C) which were introduced after the discs had been fully QCed. To resolve the issue, we will be implementing a disc replacement programme for this affected disc. We apologise and understand how frustrating this must be.

Please be aware that replacement discs will ship from the week commencing February 19th (if not before), you will receive a confirmation email when your shipment is being organised.


***Direct Orders from Arrow***

All orders from our UK site should now have the corrected disc. If  you’ve ordered from our US site after 1st March 2024 then please contact us via your Arrow account as you will need to apply for a replacement disc. Please note, this will not appear as a new order on your account.


***Orders Via Other Retailers (Amazon, Zavvi, HMV etc.)***

Please contact us via your Arrow account or via social media with a copy of your proof of purchase attached along with your delivery address to receive your disc.

If you no longer have access to your proof of purchase then please write the date and your full name on the face of your affected disc and attach the photo to your message, this will count as your proof of purchase. Please make sure this is directly on the disc itself and not on paper or anything else on or near the disc.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support, please let us know if you have any questions that are not covered in the article or following FAQ.



Q: What is the issue prompting a replacement programme?

A: The subtitles on the Awakening of the Beast disc stop at around 33 minutes.

Q: I have multiple copies of Inside The Mind Of Coffin Joe, will I receive multiple replacement discs?

A: You will receive the number of replacement discs matching the number of copies bought on your order. Please make sure you have all applicable proof of purchase details before speaking to customer service.

Q: What counts as a proof of purchase?

A: A copy of your order confirmation from your retailer. Please make sure that product and order information are clear and that we can identify this proof as unique to your order, i.e. name and order number.

Q: What can I do if I no longer have my proof of purchase?

A: Please write the date and your full name on the face (picture) side of your Disc C – Awakening of the Beast disc and attach the photo to your message with the requested information, the date and name must be written directly onto the disc itself. This will count as your proof of purchase.

Q: I’ve applied, where’s my disc?

A: Unfortunately for this, we can’t send shipping notifications. Replacement discs shipping to the UK will be untracked. All other shipments will be tracked but not visible on your Arrow account. If your delivery address is outside of the UK and you’d like to request your tracking details, then please get in touch here with our Customer Service team; we will endeavour to update you as soon as possible. After your replacement has been confirmed by our team, it will normally ship out to you within 2 weeks.

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Anthony Newcomb

Anthony Newcomb

Writer and expert